4 products you can use to green up your summer cleaning

4 products you can use to green up your summer cleaning

With summer knocking on the door, you’re probably already dreaming about beautiful sunrises accompanied by a cup of tasty coffee and picturesque sunsets going with a glass of cold beer. To allow yourself to enjoy these sweet moments, however, you need to clean your home thoroughly. And you’ll do yourself a big favour if you complete the annual summer cleaning before the summer is here so that you can then use the warm and sunny days for rest and fun.

While you may not be looking forward to your summer cleaning, you should bear in mind that it’s the easiest thing you can do to prevent the spread of summer-loving diseases in your home. If you want to take your summer cleaning to the next level, go for eco-friendly sanitising solutions that will reduce the likelihood of toxic poisoning and stomach issues.

Here are 4 cheap products you can use to green up your summer cleaning

  • Citrus fruits

When it comes to summer cleaning, citruses are your best friends. Clean the oven with lemon juice. Sanitise the bathroom with grapefruit, disinfecting the toilet seat and the gaps between the tiles. Use orange peels to reduce bad odours and mandarins to cleanse dust-gathering surfaces.

  • White vinegar

If you use white vinegar in home cleaning in the spring, continue doing so in the summer as well. White vinegar is the perfect cleaning product for the gentle surfaces of windows, mirrors, plates, and cutlery.

  • Ammonia

Whether on its own or as an ingredient in household cleaning products, ammonia will help you a clean a wide range of surfaces. Disinfect your house or flat with ammonia, and it will start beaming with purity and freshness. 

  • Soft washing powder or natural products

Start doing your laundry with soft washing power or with natural products. For example, mix white vinegar with essential oils and mild dishwashing soap and you get a cheap and very effective stain-removing substance.

Green sanitising products make great partners throughout the year but they are especially helpful in one-off cleaning marathons before or during the summer. Do you agree?

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