Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

end of tenancy cleaning do it yourself


Are you at the end of your lease and wondering whether you can on the tenancy cleaning yourself?

Reasons why to and why not to do the tenancy cleaning yourself

The summer is almost here, the whether is great. You are at the end of your tenancy and your landlord is requesting proper cleaning.
What to do? Do the cleaning yourself or leave the cleaning works for the professional cleaners in Portsmouth?

Well here is the truth. If you love working with your hands and you are not afraid to getting dirty and down on your knees.


Go for it!

Here is out advise on the main areas that you need to pay special attention to. And most importantly, where your landlord or agency will be checking particularly.

  • Bathroom and Toilet – No experiments here. All surfaces must de-limed and de-scaled. Everything must be sparkling clean. Make sure that even area behind the toilet ball is scrubbed.
  • Kitchen and Living room – The cupboards must be cleaned from the inside out. Again all surfaces and windows must be clean and shiny.
  • Bedroom – Make sure that other than the general cleaning, your landlord would expect the the area under the bed is clean too.
  • Carpets –  Do I have to wash the carpets when move out? Here is the tricky part. Some of the rental agencies do request carpet steam cleaning.  We do not recommend on taking on the steam cleaning yourself. Too many things can go wrong. Its best to do very good deep hoover clean and see if the landlord would accept that.

After all said, if you believe that you are capable on taking and completing the project called “End of Tenancy cleaning” successfully. Then you continue with this DIY project.

However if you are having doubts that you might not achieve the best results. Which may result in not getting your full deposit back. Then the choose the professional tenancy cleaners in Portsmouth – 0203 677 5482. We will be happy to provide you with free advise.

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