Clean your fridge like a pro by following these steps

Clean your fridge like a pro by following these steps

You’ve washed the dishes, you’ve put the utensils in the right places, you’ve scrubbed the floor – you’ve taken great care of your kitchen. At least this is how it looks from the outside. However, there’s one place that deserves your special attention: the fridge. Open milk boxes, food remnants, old cheese – it’s not pleasant but it happens to all of us. As professional cleaners with many years of experience, we at End of Tenancy Portsmouth would like to show you how you can clean your fridge like a professional in 4 easy steps.

Important: Unplug the refrigerator before you start cleaning it.

Get the necessary cleaning equipment

Equip yourself with latex gloves, sponges, rages, a dishwashing detergent, a window cleaner, and a garbage can. If you prefer homemade cleaning agents, try the following: make a 50/50 solution of vinegar/lemon juice and cool water, fill a sprayer with one half of the mixture, pour the other half into a bowl or in the sink, and soak the modular items from the refrigerator.

Start from the top

Working your way from the top down, throw all food leftovers into the trash can. Throwing food is bad but spoiled food may cause health problems, so better to be on the safe side. Place the plastic storage boxes into the sink and wash them. When you empty the shelves, take them out and sanitise them thoroughly with a window cleaner.

Disinfect the walls

Disinfect the walls carefully with a sponge and soft detergent, but don’t overdo the scrubbing. Use a dishwashing detergent with no perfume included.

Clean the door

You are almost there but before you can take a well-deserved rest, you should clean the door! Old sauces, rotten vegetables, open wine bottles and half-emptied beer cans – throw everything that’s gone bad or you don’t plan to eat/drink in the garbage can. Finish up by rubbing the door.

You see, cleaning your fridge isn’t that hard. If you still find it challenging, though, you can always turn to professional cleaners to do the job for you. In addition to making your fridge as clean as a new one, professional cleaners offer additional benefits, such as tips on how to arrange different foods in your fridge so that you can maintain a healthier diet more easily.

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