Do I have to wash the carpets when I move out?

Carpet cleaning yes or no?


carpet cleaning washing


Moving out and wonder whether you should include the carpet cleaning as well?

Usually the standard rental contract states that you must return the property in the original condition that you received it. Our advise is to read the rental contract carefully. As in some tenancy agreements there is no point that requires the carpets to be washed. So the question is:

Should I wash the carpets or not?

Generally if there is no clause that requires you to professionally wash carpets you are not obligated to do it. However this does not mean that you should not pay any attention to the carpet cleaning. Please note that the standard end of tenancy cleaning includes all hard floors to be scrubbed and cleaned. As for the carpeted floors they must be deep hovered (at least). Please note that even after the deep hoovering there might be some stains that will remain. Here comes the second question:

What to do with the carpet stains before the inventory check?

If there are some stains on your carpets at the end of your lease. Then you are obligated to removed them. What this means is that in most cases you have to hire Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning company. Of course you can try to clean the stain on your own. ADVISE – based on our experience if you try to clean the stains you might “fix”it. What this mean is that the stain will become permanent.

The truth about carpet cleaning.

Based on our years of cleaning experience in Portsmouth. We will advise you to ask the cleaning company to wash the carpets directly.
We as such professional cleaning company in Portsmouth will be happy to offer you 50% Discount on the Carpets when booked with the end of tenancy cleaning. At the end of the day you will NOT pay additionally for the washing of the carpets and you will have the piece of mind that your carpets are clean and stain free. None the last, your landlord will be happy and of course you will be getting your deposit back 🙂



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