Express bathroom sanitizing – why not?

Toilet and bathroom sanitizing are maybe some of the most repulsive household chores for all housekeepers. However, no matter if you want it or not bathroom cleaning is mandatory for every home. Even little kids will tell you that in these high-risk premises microbes abound. Humidity in bathroom creates a favorable environment for development of mold and this is dangerous for your health.

In fact regular hygiene maintenance in bathroom will make your tasks easier, so try to disinfect once a week and everything will be easier. Excuses like lack of time and personal energy are not accepted. Check out our interesting tips for express bathroom cleaning and use them when you have to achieve impeccable hygiene in no time:

  • Firstly, it’s wise to empty the premise and to remove the biggest items. The bathroom rug may be washed in the laundry machine. Take the cosmetic products down and wipe the shelves. Look at the walls and the floor. Probably the tiles will need thorough disinfecting. Use an appropriate detergent and start scrubbing with a hard brush.
  • Bathroom elements such as shower, shower enclosure, bathtub, taps, sinks need wiping either. If there is limescale, remove it with the help of commercial product for eliminating limescale.
  • If you’re afraid to use expensive detergents form the store, you can prepare your natural home solutions. They are also efficient and they are 100% non-toxic. Mix some bread soda with vinegar in a bottle full of water – these perfect antiseptic ingredients are able to remove any type of stains. Thus the shininess of your bathroom will be back. If you add some essential oil for aromatherapy effect, the final result will be gorgeous.
  • When you finish all these bathroom chores, dry up the premise, because moisture is not recommended. One great tip if some unexpected guests come – make them some tea or coffee and perform a quick last minute cleaning procedure in the toilet premise. Focus on the toilet seat and under the edge of the toilet pan.
  • Don’t underestimate high level of hygiene in the bathroom and toilet premises. These are the most frequently used areas in your home and they must be shining and brilliant. Don’t let bacteria spread around and protect your family! Therefore, rely on some expert cleaners if you want to save some time and efforts.

We wish you good luck and wonderful results after your efficient bathroom cleaning session! Don’t forget to reward yourself with some rest after the exhausting bathroom disinfection procedure!

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