FAQ – End of Tenancy Portsmouth

FAQ for professional cleaning - End of Tenancy Portsmouth

1. How long does the professional cleaning takes?

The cleaning time depends mostly of the current condition of the property. However we send team of skilled professionals, they will stay as long as needed to make sure that the property is cleaned up to the highest standard. But usually we complete the cleaning within half a day.

2. Do I need to be onsite while the inventory cleaning takes place?

It is up to you. If you wish you can stay with the cleaning team thru the cleaning. However most of our customers prefer to be out of the property. We can ensure customer satisfaction, as our teams are trained to take care of your property as it was theirs.

3. How much does the end of tenancy cleaning cost?

The cost of the professional end of tenancy cleaning depends mainly on the size of your property and the additional services booked (such as carpet steam cleaning, external window cleaning, washing of the upholstery, etc). However we try to offer you very best prices on the market. That’s why we offer 50% Discount on all additional services booked with the tenancy cleaning. Please check with our customer service representatives for detailed pricing.

4. Should the property be empty?

Its best if the property is empty of your belongings. Then we can ensure proper cleaning up to high standard. However if you are not able to remove the belongings, we will work around them.

5. Do you supply all materials needed for the professional cleaning?

Yes, our cleaning team will provide all detergents, materials, equipment needed for the proper cleaning.
We insist on using our materials, as we use professional detergents and commercial equipment. However if you insist we can use particular detergent of yours. At the end of the day our main goal is customer satisfaction.

6. Does the end of tenancy cleaning includes the oven cleaning?

Yes, the service includes the professional cleaning of the oven, as well as the hobs and extractor fan.
And we do not stop here, we will add the freezer for free too. However, please defrost on the night before.

7. How much does the professional tenancy cleaning cleaning cost?

The cost of the tenancy cleaning depends much of the size and the condition of the property. (how many bedrooms and bathrooms). And whether you would like any additional services to be added. Such as cleaning of the windows from the outside (the inside are included) or whether you wish to have the upholstery washed.

However,  we do understand that the current times are very difficult for everyone. That’s why we try to offer the best possible cleaning prices that are out there. For more details please contact us 02036775482