How to take nice photos of your home?

end of tenancy cleaning - take a photo

Let’s say you want to declare your home for sale or rent. The first thing you do is find specialized sites and start publishing an advertisement. You begin describing your home and then you get to the point where you need to upload pictures. And here comes the problem. How to take nice photos of your home? Well, see our pieces of advice:

  • Taking photos in the earlier and the later hours of the day is one of the universal techniques in many photography genres. The reason is that the sun is lower then and its rays extend over a larger area. This makes the light softer and pleasant to the eye and the captured objects look more beautiful. In the end, don’t worry if something with the light didn’t work as it should. You can always adjust too dark or too bright areas with an easy-to-use photo editing program.
  • It would be a good idea to have an accent in some of your photos. Why not capture your beautiful vase with flowers on the table in the kitchen or the spectacular handmade rug in the living room? 
  • If a problem with the light is something, which is easy to fix once you have taken the picture, then keep in mind that there is no software that is able to fix a picture, which is not well focused. Even if you fail with that, you can make another try until you get a good result. After all, you take photos of stationary subjects, not a race. 
  • Carefully inspect any place that you plan to take a picture of and think whether you like what’s in and out of the ‘frame’ as well as where to place the ‘frame’, i.e. where the edges of your picture will be. Try to keep things not too organised, otherwise you risk your photos to look too unnatural. Of course, your place must be clean and tidy, but not to seem as there has been thorough tenancy cleaning lately. 

Check out pictures from magazines and get some inspiration. In order to obtain interesting footage, experiment with different positions of the camera, from the lower or higher points. Taking pictures of your home for sale or rent requires showing more than one image. A potential buyer or tenant wants to see more from the property. This makes your task even more challenging, doesn’t it?