Little Cleaning Tricks for Everyone

Little Cleaning Tricks - End of Tenancy Portsmouth

Surely each of you had ever been in a situation, which made you think something like: ‘Oh, how to clean this stain now?’ or ‘How will I return the previous look of this?’. Items seem damaged, useless or too dirty. But you can change that in an easy way.

 We have selected a few helpful tricks you can use in your domestic cleaning:

  • Scratched, painted, stained walls – every little child at least once has acted as an artist on the largest and most tempting canvas – the walls at home. And you had to fix this ‘work of art’, made with colored pencils. Use toothpaste. Some white bread will help you for removing the spots from dirty hands and fingers. Don’t forget to scrub hard;
  • Clean vases – one of the best solvents for calc is vinegar. It can be used in sanitising the ‘worn-out’ vases. After some time, rings (left by the pH of the water) appear on the sides of the vases. They can be removed with salted water and vinegar. Leave the mixture for a night and then rinse with clean water;
  • Remove gum – if you accidentally sit on gum, put a plastic bag of ice on it. The cold temperature will harden the gum and make it easier to remove;
  • Cleaning the lampshade – if it was made of fine fabrics, such as silk, disinfect it with vinegar-water solution;
  • The spots of water on varnished objects can be removed with warm olive oil and some molten white wax. Smear the stains with the mixture and rub with a linen piece until they disappear;
  • Sanitise the window frames – white plastic frames will look like new ones, if you wash them with water, in which you have dissolved a little salt;
  • Traces of lipstick on the glasses/ the cups will be removed quickly with some salt on a damp cloth;
  • Cleaning the iron – disinfect the polluted metal surface of the iron with a soft cloth dampened with vinegar;
  • Cat hair – an easy and effective way for collecting cat hair from the couch and other upholstered furniture is to use a wet rubber glove. It’s quite helpful when you have to run carpet cleaning, too.

If you are convinced that you can’t fight with the stubborn stains, there is still a hope, called professional cleaning service. It’s always better to try than just give up, right?