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What is Military March Out Cleaning?

When moving out of your M.O.D accommodation, you are expected to leave the property in perfect cleaning state which will pass the final Defence Estate’s march out inspection. We understand that you have lots of important thing on your head when moving from the property. March out cleaners  Portsmouth understands how important is that this process goes as smooth as possible.


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Delivery of March Out Cleaning Service.

Out team does understand how important is to pass the March out cleaning inspection the first time. That is why we put special care in training our march out cleaning specialist to the latest trends in our industry. In addition our teams are supplied with the state of the art cleaning equipment and strong professional cleaning detergent. Based on our experience is best to call the professionals rather than trying to clean the property your self and then have to deal with the inspection. Our teams are very experienced and our service include washing of the carpets and steam cleaning of the oven.

In case of moving in to new property we are happy to offer you our Move in/Move out Cleaning Services

Passing the March out cleaning inspection on the first time

In order to pass the Defence Estate’s march out inspection on the first time you need to return the property in great shape and its close as possible to its original condition when you first move in. Based on our extensive experience with march out cleaning we do have the expertise to clean your M.O.D. property to the expected level of cleanliness.

Our main goal is to pass your inspection on the first time! However you should note that if using our cleaning services you will have the advantage of our guaranteed cleaning. What this means is that our cleaning service is guaranteed for 48 hours after the cleaning. Thus if the inspections fails with in those 48 hours, we will come back to re-clean the property for Free.


march out cleaning

March out cleaning vs Walk Away Scheme?

When you are about to move out of your Service Family Accommodation (SFA) you do can choose between two main options. Walk Away Scheme or using local professional cleaning company. The walk away scheme is service provided by your accommodation officer. Please note that this service still requires to leave the property hygienically clean (before the actual cleaning service). The other option is to call local professional cleaning company – like ours. We will make sure that the entire property is clean top to bottom (including washing of the carpets and cleaning the oven). We do offer special prices and special discounts for our March Out Clean service.

So, what is the main difference between the two services? The truth is that the difference is mainly in the price. The local cleaning companies are able to offer much better pricing. Please note that the Walk Away Scheme is naturally more expensive and all additional service are charged additionally.

How much does march out cleaning cost?

We support and appreciate the importance of our troops, that is why we offer the very best price for march out cleaning service. They are two main factors that affect on the price for the march out cleaning: 

  1. The size of the property – For example the price for the one bed flat and 3 bed house differ.
  2. The additional services – Please note that the outside cleaning of the windows and the washing of the carpets is an additional charge (as an additional service). The good news are that we offer 50% Discount on both of them if booked together with the march out cleaning.

Note – This is not an hourly based service. We will stay as long as needed to make sure that the property is cleaned from to bottom.

Our competitive prices start as low as £219.00 for 2 bed property. Please contact us for free quote for your particular property.


Which areas we cover?

We are professional cleaning company near you and cleaning services cover the whole great area of Portsmouth. However in addition we also provide cleaning services in Guildford, Bristol and Southampton area too. Please note that we may cover you are too. Contact us and our customer service representatives will confirm whether we cover you.

Why you should take advantage of our move out cleaning services?

What you can expect when you hire our Professional cleaning services? Bases on our 10+ years of experience in cleaning business we learned that the customer must be satisfied! Here is a small list that we cover in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied:

  • Personal customer care representative is assigned to each of our customers
  • Guaranteed result/Free re-clean
  • Highly trained personnel
  • We are aware of the expectations of M.O.D and inventory checks
  • Free quote and onsite meeting
  • Bookings on short notice
  • Fully insured
  • We make sure that you get your deposit back (if any)

Our customer service representatives are available online 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for Free quote or Free onsite visit today!
Phone 0203 677 5482 or e-mail:

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