End of Tenancy Cleaning in Portsmouth

Below you you can find our general prices for tenancy cleaning service. This is top to bottom cleaning of the whole property. Our cleaning service is guaranteed for 48 hours after the service. Thus if missed areas are reported within 48 hours we will return and re-clean it for free. Please note that the prices are relevant for properties in standard condition. If the property has been neglected for long period of time the prices may vary.

Studio flat from£139.00
One bedroom flat from£179.00
Two bedroom flat from£197.00
Two bedroom house from£219.00
Three bedroom flat from£229.00
Three bedroom house from£279.00
Four bedroom house from£309.00
Five bedroom house from£329.00

OFFER: End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning

Take advantage of our tenancy cleaning offer! If you book your move out cleaning together with our carpet washing service, we will add 50% Discount on the carpet cleaning. Thus you are not only saving on the tenancy clean but on the carpet washing as well. In addition you receive guarantee for best carpet cleaning! We do not charge additionally for spot treatment.

Studio flat with carpets from£149.00
One bedroom flat with carpets from£207.00
Two bedroom flat with carpets from£229.00
Two bedroom house with carpets from£249.00
Three bedroom flat with carpets from£277.00
Three bedroom house with carpets from£339.00
Four bedroom house with carpets from£379.00
Five bedroom house with carpets from£409.00

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