Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Bathtub


Bathroom cleaning is among the trickiest house cleaning chores you might think of!

No, it is not all about grabbing a random multi-purpose cleaner and sanitizing the tiles, the faucet, and the cabinets. The key to having a clean bathroom is to pay attention to every detail without reaching a point where your friends and family members call you a cleaning freak or a germaphobe. Let’s talk about the cleaning bathtub and the approaches you can adopt if you want to keep it clean for longer without spending much time in disinfecting.

In point of fact, bathtub cleaning should not take more than ten minutes provided that this chore is always included in your weekly domestic cleaning. The first thing you have to do is to clear up the surface. Put the shampoos, body scrubs, loofahs, soaps or anything else you usually put in the bathtub aside.

tips for cleaning bathtub

Quick guide on how to clean and maintain your bathtub:

Lets start with making an evaluation of the treasures you have found in the bathtub. Do you really need that magazine you read three weeks ago when you took a relaxing bath? Is there a cosmetic product that you no longer use? Don’t you think the hair straightener should go into the drawer? As mentioned above, keep a close eye on the small and yet, significant details.

Next, comes the general clean-up. Dampen a sponge and remove the loose dirt off the bathtub surface. Next, comes the deep cleaning. The latter should be applied when you have skipped a cleaning procedure or two or as a part of your end of tenancy cleaning. If you are a fan of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, all you need is a pack of baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle the baking soda onto the bathtub and slowly pour the vinegar over, so it makes that familiar fizz sound. Let it sit for half an hour and scrub with a suitable brush. The usage of an old toothbrush is recommended provided that you have the patience to thoroughly clean the bathtub with such a small tool.

Have you ever heard of the clean-as-you-go method?

It is the favourite cleaning approach of hundreds of people around the world, who just dread to think about dedicating half of their day off to scrubbing and sanitizing. so, it would not hurt if you try it as well. As for the bathtub cleaning, in particular, you can clean it while you are taking a shower. You can remove the soap residue or any loose hair that might have left. In order to keep the bathtub clean, you should always rinse it after usage. No matter if you were using it or your kids made a great mess, always rinse and teach them to do so, too!

The next tip is applicable to the bathroom maintenance in general, but if you want to avoid removing mouldy stains off the bathtub, the tiles, and the shower curtain, you’d better check out your ventilation system. Humidity is the main reason why mould emerges, so keep the humidity at reasonable levels. If you have troubles with the ventilation system, turn a hair dryer or a fan on every time you are done using the bathroom.

Although it is a dirty job, you should always make sure your bathtub is not clogged. The best thing you can do is to pour a special detergent for unclogging drains from time to time just to prevent eventual issues.

Other than the bathtub cleaning there is express bathroom sanitizing solution.

Bathtub Maintenance

Speaking of bathtub maintenance, you should always inspect them for standing water along the base. In case you notice standing water, the chances your drainage system to be damaged is pretty high.

Cleaning is undoubtedly important, but it is also important to protect the bathtub against damages. Don’t forget to place a towel whenever you are doing any maintenance. It is also important to mention that you should not walk into your bathtub with the flip-flops you use to walk around the house. Any small grit is likely to cause scratches.


In conclusion, it seems that the only way for keeping your bathtub and the bathroom as a whole is to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. The key lies in the consistency and persistence. Of course, it would be ridiculous to get back home after work and start scrubbing the bathtub. Most people usually occupy the couch and the last thing they want to think about is cleaning. However, it is a good idea to keep a sponge at hand and wipe down the soap residue or the shower gel spill immediately instead of waiting till the next weekend when the bathtub will be invariably included in the list of cleaning tasks to perform.